Wearable Underwater Jet Pack with high performance!

SEAL BOOSTER is a unique SEAL BOOSTER is a unique hands-free underwater scooter designed specifically for the skin diver, scuba diver, free-diver, snorkeler and rescue divers. This special gadget uses low-noise brushless motors and Lithium-Polymer batteries to accomplish powerful propulsion at a relatively low total weight.

As a newly developed & successfully launched onto the market, SEAL BOOSTER will let you be transformed into a human torpedo in water. Its 2 powerful thrusters mounted on your both thighs will deliver incredible thrusting power when you need it during your underwater activities and make you control the direction in a balanced way.

With its simple operation and excellent performance in water, SEAL BOOSTER will shine all the more brightly when enjoying snorkeling, skin diving and scuba diving as you don't need to use diving fins that will make your strength be used up. Merely by turning the dial on controller clockwise or by pushing a button with a one-shot operation, you can move through water in a breeze. If swimming fins or diving fins are used simultaneously, much higher speeds will be achieved.

SEAL BOOSTER brings some of the most popular water sports activities to the next level and gives an extra kick above or in the water. It offers long battery time up to 60 minutes with attached batteries on belt, only weighs around 9.7kg once put on while providing 2~6km/h. It is the most versatile water jet for almost any water sports including diving.


World's Most Sensational Wearable Water Jet!

SEAL BOOSTER not only gives you the freedom to explore the underwater world, but also will provide an exciting experience as your sheer pleasure.

SB-N & Diving

SEAL BOOSTER has a great versatility with its wide range of applications from underwater shooting, freediving, skin diving, snorkeling to spearfising. When using SEAL B0OSTER in the sea, operate it safely while observing underwater surroundings carefully.

SB-N & Rescue Activities

SEAL BOOSTER can be worthily used for rescue purposes in an emergency situation. In a related developement, we have made supply contract with Korean marine police(Special Rescue Team) for SB-N model.


Just to be safe, SEAL BOOSTER needs to be operated by the buddy system. Experience a wide variety of underwater environments with SEAL BOOSTER together with your buddy.

· LED indication information: Battery Residue, Speed light & Status light

(Speed: 1~4 gear, On/Off button, + button, - button)

· How to operate: On/Off button → Press On button.

+ button - Speed Acceleration,.
- button - Speed Deceleration
On/Off button(Short-Press) Temporary pause
On/Off button(Long-Press) Power Off


SEAL BOOSTER can be stored up safely and securely in a dedicated Hard Case with excellent rigidity. Additionall battery-carrying case will be provided for storage once additional purchase for batteries is made. It will allow another convenience and facilitation when moving around during your journey.

Hard Case: Black Color / Thruster: Black Color
(2 Thrusters / Controller with belt pack / Lithium-Polymer battery 2 pcs / Waterproof cable set / Spare parts kit)