Enjoy SEAL BOOSTER as much as you like in indoor pool !

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Enjoy SEAL BOOSTER as much as

you like in indoor pool~!

Date: Mar. 12. 2021

Just ahead of Grand Launching for SEAL BOOSTER(SB-B model)

sometime during upcoming July,

we are in the middle of introducing SEAL BOOSTER

to many different areas in marine leisure industry

for each respective applications.

This video will show you how far SEAL BOOSTER can be extensively used

for snorkelers and for those who take off their first foot

in various kinds of water sports, let alone diving professionals.

We want to take this time to extend our deepest gratitude

for O’NEILL Korea who sponsored several pairs of

life jackets for model pictures.

Collaboration works with global major companies

in the related industry always produces extremely

useful results at a time like this.

If you are a business operator in running water parks,

amusement parks and wave pools,

SEAL BOOSTER will become a good item

to give you extra benefit with rental uses.

Please, click below image. You will be connected to correspondence link very soon.





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